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Helmet Question #2

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spray paint probably the best method to do for even coating though gonna need lots of masking tape and newspaper if you dont have a good feel for spray paint might want to cover the helmet so none of the silver dust particals get on the res of the helm

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Do you mean the heating section of Lowes ? THose are both very helpful, I know people spray paint for the even texture but it seems like the masking off has to be almost perfect? Is there a good silver paint to use if I decide to spray paint, etc. THanks again guys going to look into both. The way things are going I may have a TX built before my TD :teehee:

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I like that foil tape idea. I have one other quick issue cause I am almost done just touched up some gloss paint today and will hopefully hit the ears and the vocoder this evening. When my kit arrived the silver tint for the eyes were wrinkled or creased prob from bouncing around in the shipping. I am being a little perfectionist here but is there any advice how to fix that issue or where to get more mirrored tint.


I have to admit guys I have been heavily involved in a TD project hoping to get deployed, but during the wait for my armor :confused: I was kinda interested in building a helmet so I noticed a helmet on sale so I grabbed it. After, building a helmet and seeing how it looks I may have to not only go for TD but for TX as well.

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You can pick up sheets of tint at WalMart - you might have to look for the activation spray, but some tints just use water to activate the gentle adhesive on the back of the tint. Just wash the lenses in warm water with a little bit of dishsoap then dry well. Just follow the instructions on the box of tint material and you should be good to go. Just watch out for air bubbles, the curse of tinters everywhere.

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