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My Del Meeko WIP

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I have been on the fence for a while as to what I wanted to actually build as a kit, as it was between an inferno, TIE or Scout. A good friend pushed me towards TIE...but well I wanted a bit more firepower so this is the compromise. I started a year or so ago..however the kit I purchased from someone was kind of bad and un-useable...so got discouraged and put it on the back shelf. Sooo started new and going through and purchase all the parts correctly this time. 


Soooo here is my journey. 

parts list:

Bucket: WTF
Chest/Back armor: WTF
Flight suit: Wampa Wear
Boots: Needed

Gloves: Wampa wear

Compad: wampa wear
Officer Belt: need
Code Cylinders: Need
Holster: Anovos (from my TK...just for now)
E-11: need
DLT-19X: Need
Tactical Vest: Flyye Law Enforcement chest rig,  Military1st
Shoulder Ammo Pouch: MP-40 pouch, Ebay
Scout belt hard parts: WTF
Scout belt soft parts: Need
Thermal Detonator: WTF

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