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Ins71a DT Specialist build (Jim's kit / Armoryshop)

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Hello everyone
My Name is Jan and im a Member of the Swiss Garrisn. I currently have my TFA Kylo aprooved as well as his SKB Version.
The DT is my second costume since my Chewie build is currently on hold.


These are the parts I chose:

  • Helmet - Phoenix Props raw cast - Received
  • Armor - Jim Tripton / tall version - Received
  • Gloves - Endor Finders - Received
  • Boots - Doc Martens Talib - Received
    • lifts - Received
  • Softparts - Armoryshop - Received
  • Specialist parts (pauldron / chest rig) - Armoryshop - Received
    • Genuine HK G3 magazines - Received
  • Aluminium Arm Rockets / Aluminium Belt buckle - Phoenix Props - Received
  • Sound System - MiComSoundRig - Received
  • SE-14R - a good friend - Received
  • E-11D - 3d props NL - Received

I'm 6' tall and really want to get to the 6'3" hight. I'm certain that my boot lifts and the Helmet will get me to the right height.


I'm happy to hear any input you guys may have.

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Best of luck on your build. If you are already 6' bare foot, then you wont need the boot lifts. The Talib's heel gives you an inch already, then on average the helmet if fitted properly will give you another 2-2 1/2 inches. I tried lifts of an inch or so and they sucked! Standing for long troops doesn't help. Leave the stilettos to the ladies! ?

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