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Inferno Squad boots

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Hi Brothers and Sisters. 


I am here to ask for my Brother who wants to make Gideon Hask. First he ordered his Boots from Diversity Props... as you know, Wayne fooled everyone. Then he ordered his boots now from a guy in Mexico, but for some reason, this one doesn't answer anymore and he doesn't give any updates. Only telling promises about when he will send them, but then he doesn't keep them. So my question is: do you know where else he could order accurate Boots, except from IB? 


Thanks in advance for your help.


P.s.: sorry for my terrible english ^^

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My boots that I've been approved in for both Del Meeko and Iden Versio are Crow Props - when he has a run on he basically goes very quiet. The quality of the leather was excellent for both my boots and gloves.

I would just keep sending him messages and then if the paypal deadline is looming raise a case. I do this for all and everyone as I've now come to the conclusion that everyone is trust worthy and reputable until they aren't - cover your ass.

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Hi there, 

I always recommend to keep an eye on ebay and ebay Kleinanzeigen. I found The boots I am using for my inferno there and they are awesome. Just search for : "hohe Knobelbecher, Knobelbecher, officer boots, Offiziersstiefel..." I also heard crowprops is a very good vendor, but also very expensive, plus shipping to germany and customs duty can get very pricey too. 

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