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Sith Trooper Reference Pictures

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TROS Behind-The-Scenes - provided by @JAFO and @gmrhodes13:

BTS 1.jpg BTS 2.jpg BTS 12.png BTS 3.jpg BTS 4.jpg BTS 10.pngBTS 5.jpg BTS 11.png BTS 6.jpg BTS 7.jpg BTS 8.jpg BTS 9.jpg BTS 13.png   

LFL Display:

LFL Display 1.jpg


D23 Display:

D23 Display 1.jpg D23 Display 2.jpg D23 Display 3.jpg D23 Display 4.jpg D23 Display 5.jpg D23 Display 6.jpg D23 Display 7.jpg D23 Display 8.jpg D23 Display 9.jpg D23 Gaskets.png D23 Thighs 2.png D23 Thighs.png


D23 Troopers:

D23 Troopers 1.png D23 Troopers 2.jpg D23 Troopers 3.jpg D23 Troopers 4.jpg D23 Troopers 5.jpg D23 Troopers 6.jpg D23 Troopers 7.png D23 Troopers 8.jpg D23 Troopers 9.jpg D23 Troopers 10.jpg D23 Troopers 11.jpg D23 Troopers 12.jpg D23 Troopers 13.jpg D23 Troopers 14.png D23 Troopers 15.jpg D23 Shins.png


D23 Helmet Display (Anovos):

D23 Helmet 1.jpg D23 Helmet 2.png D23 Helmet 3.jpg D23 Helmet 4.jpg D23 Helmet 5.jpg D23 Helmet 6.jpg D23 Helmet 7.jpg D23 Helmet 8.jpg D23 Helmet 9.jpg D23 Helmet 10.jpg D23 Helmet 11.jpg


International Displays:

Display 2.jpg Display 4.jpg Display 6.jpg Display 7.jpg Display 3.jpg Display 1.jpg Display 5.jpg Display 8.jpg Display 9.jpg Display 10.jpg Display 11.jpg

Sith Trooper Display 5.jpg Sith Trooper Display 7.jpg Sith Trooper Display 12.jpg Sith Trooper Display 3.jpg Sith Trooper Display 4.jpg Sith Trooper Display 11.jpg Sith Trooper Display 8.jpg Sith Trooper Display 1.jpg Sith Trooper Display 10.jpg Sith Trooper Display 14.jpg Sith Trooper Display 9.jpg Sith Trooper Display 6.jpg Sith Trooper Display 13.jpg Sith Trooper Display 15.jpg Sith Trooper Display 2.jpg Sith Trooper Display 16.jpg


Hot Toys:

Hot Toys 1.jpegHot Toys 3.png


Hasbro Black Series:

Black Series 3.png Black Series 1.png Black Series 2.png Black Series 4.png Black Series 6.png Black Series 7.png


Other - provided by @gmrhodes13 and @JAFO:

LFL Poster 2.png Sticker Book.jpg Sith Trooper Book 1.png Book 1.jpg Sensor.png


Blasters - provided by @gmrhodes13:

Sith Trooper Blaster Breakdown 1.jpg Blaster Breakdown 2.png Blaster Breakdown 3.png


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