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Shadow Scout cadet reporting

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Hello all! I'm a relatively new 501st member with Garrison Carida & hooked on armor! I have ESB TK armor approved, as well as TB, but am working on ESB Vader (nearly complete), ESB Fett (this will be quite a long process) and just ordered the Shadow Scout armor. You guys sporting the Spec Ops armor are awesome! For those who have the ABS armor pulled in black, what paint do you find to be a perfect (if it exists) match for painting the helmet?

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Hm... Welcome to the crew! I see an ESB theme going on! :D


As far as paint goes, it really depends on the ABS your armor is pulled from. You need to determine if it's a gloss or semi and if you'd rather have it a high gloss or semi. You can either try and find a semi gloss paint for the helmet, or use a gloss paint then Future Shine the armor so it matches.



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Hooked on Armour ... Come on you've only got an ESB TK, a TB, A Vader and a Fett in the works and you're looking at a Shadow Scout ... Yea, I guess that is a lot ... for a beginner




Dude - leave some for the rest of us ;).


Welcome and enjoy!

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Thanks guys! My wife thinks I'm a bit obsessed (can't argue there)!. I keep suggesting that she join up but she won't (sigh). She's got the body of Slave Leia with the enthusiasm of a gonk droid!

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Well, finally got 'er completed! I bought boots quite a while back and waited on them for a bit, but put the Shadow Scout on hold while a couple housing projects needed tended to. This past Tuesday night I unwrapped everything and started working on it, completing it Sunday and sent the pics in for approval. I'm very pleased how it turned out!


My link

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