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Hopefully almost have everything I need

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Well all,

I’m excited to join the ranks. I have my TX Magma Trooper ready to be trimmed. I have watched trooperbay’s videos along with the 45 video series on how to build the armor quite a few times. I have ordered Velcro and am getting ready to order the large order from trooperbay. Ive seen various methods of doing the outer torso armor. One of the things I have read is that there are really no rivets except for the belt. However I think thats how they attached the snaps to the torso on the outside. My biggest thing is getting 501st approved when I finish it. I will be using the piano wire part as shown in trooperbays videos but when I look at certain pictures of the armor, there are no signs of snaps from the outside. I have attached a picture from the side of another tx’s build and I see no snaps from the outside. Once again I want to make sure I do the best job at building a 501st approved build. Any guidance would be great.







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I don't think I quite understand what you are asking. Are you asking a out the internal strapping with snaps that hold it together? And what is the piano wire for?

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Welcome, Brandt!

If you haven't already you should give the CRL a view which will show the 501st standards for the costume: https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:TX_magmatrooper

As for the rivets and such the side stuff on the kidney and ab plates are optional unless you are going to go for level 2 on the costume which is a detachment only program. Which means that you can still get approved for the 501st without them, just would have to add them to get level 2 with the detachment.

The way that you suit up the costume and have the parts all hang together and on you is largely dependent on whatever feels the most comfortable. Personally for myself I use a lot of velcro to keep the stuff together and and snaps where they work. But I know people who are 100% velcro or 100% snaps, just depends.

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Yeah the snaps or popper method seems to be the most common with things.

When I meant detachment only here is the easiest way to look at it:

  • Basic level is gets you into the 501st Legion.
  • Level 2 gets your special recognition within the Detachment, in this case the Special Operations Detachment. It just adds a lot more detail to the costume to make it more accurate/detailed. It isn't required for 501st membership but once you get membership you can apply for Level 2.
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Brandt, For the TX Magma currently there are no "Level Two" criteria additions to the CRL for the armor and helmet. There are proposals in the works. You can go take a look at the proposed changes under the TX Magma CRL thread and get an idea of what's in the works. However, in the "Specialist Program" (which is a higher level of accuracy) there are certain criteria that your armor must meet. You can look at it this way, if you just want to be 501st approved by your GML then use the guidance that is in the CRL. Once you get approved, if you wish to apply for the "Specialist" recognition, then you can tweak your armor to meet the criteria set forth in the TX Magma "Specialist" sub-forum.  Ideally, to save you some time, you can initially build your TX Magma using the "Specialist" criteria and once you get approved from your GML, you can go to the "Specialist" section and apply there for your "Specialist" badge.

As far as strapping your armor, the TX Magma and the TK Stunt have the exact same pieces, so any strapping reference you can find on the FISD forum or using Trooperbay's videos will get you the desired results. 

The "piano wire" method which TB is referring too is how the original costume designers of the TKs in the OT movies used to attach the pieces together. If you really want to go for "originality" when strapping your TX Magma you can use that method. However, I can tell you from experience it's really not the best way to do it. 

I would recommend using the snaps or as some people call them "poppers" method. It allows you a greater tolerance for fitting measurement errors. If you use industrial elastic for your connections it will give you more freedom of movement in your upper torso and thigh area. 

Hope this all made sense and can assist you in your endeavors. Welcome to Spec Ops and best of luck with your build. There are plenty of WIPs and reference post in the TX Magma section and as always if you hit a brick wall or something just doesn't make sense, there is a plethora of knowledgeable people here.

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@Brandt8442136 I have used the snaps/popper method before.  Id recommend that.

Regarding the CRL, you can build your costume to the current CRL if you plan on being done in the very near future.


If you plan on taking a bit of time, you may want to build following the CRL update proposal here:

This addresses both the Level 1 and Level 2 requirements that should go into effect sometime early 2020.

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