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Sith Trooper Build (Jimmiroquai Kit)

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Hey there friends.  I've been wanting to join the Spec Ops detachment for a while now, and the Sith Trooper has finally pushed me over the edge.  Anyways, I figure i'd record my build log in here in detail.

I'll insert a full write up of my process and rigging when I have some time to take photos of everything.

Armor/Helmet: Jimmiroquai
Undersuit: Jimmiroquai
Gloves: Endor Finders R1 Gloves
Boots: Imperial Boots Trooper 7 boots dyed with Angelus Fire-Red Leather Paint
Blaster: 3D Print from Sean Field's Files
Paint: Rustoleum Gloss Apple Red, Rustoleum Camouflage Ultra-Flat Black, Vallejo Gun Metal
Gloss Coat: USC Spray Max 2k High Gloss Clearcoat 
Magnets: KJ Magnetics BX082-N52 X 8 (12 lb pull force)
Comms system: ukswrath First Order Comms system
Gaffers Tape 
Assorted Snaps and Velcro




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