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Looking to start a Deathtrooper Build

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Hello everyone,

Current 501st member, been doing Officer stuff to this point since I'm too tall (6-4) to do anything with a bucket, but I've long been thinking about doing a Death Trooper kit.

I've seen the complete set for sale on Etsy from 850 Armor Works, opinions on the quality of his work?

Also I've seen the boots on Imperial Boots, opinions on these?

Finally any sources for the jump/body suit pieces, blaster rifles, etc?

Any help is appreciated, especially if anyone is selling any used components (looking only for completed stuff, I don't have a ton of free time to do heavy fabrication)



TA/IO 9528

Midwest Garrison

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Welcome! 850 is a great maker, good price and well made. I definitely recommend abs over fiberglass. 

I got my DLT19 from RS, not sure if they would sell you one without a commissioned costume. 

I hope to troop with you in the future, I’m in south Wisconsin garrison 

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850's DT is a good product. It is ABS so it does lack a lot of the sharper details that you would get with a 3D printed or fiberglass cast set of armor. The Armory Shop, Jim Tripon, KB Props, and The Plastic Arms Dealer are makers of outstanding kits as well. There are several build threads of each type in this forum. I would recommend looking through each type and determine which type you think would work best with your budget, skill set, and time line. Almost all of them offer or have teamed up with another maker to produce the under suits.

Original Doc Martens have become hard to find but are still out there on ebay every once in a while. Imperial Boots does provide screen accurate boots and gloves which they do production waves of, If you go that route get your order in early on in your build.

In the build threads almost all of them list their sources which you can use to make your own list and then decide on a provider. 

Welcome to Spec Ops and best of luck on your build. The search button and other members are your best tool in sorting through the plethora of knowledge that the members of this group can provide.

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Hi. I have a fairly detailed 850 build here on this forum. There are a few challenges with the kit. I went with ABS because of my experience with building TKs. If I were to do it again I would probably go the fibreglass route because I like the crisp details in those kits. That said, ABS is pretty easy to work with and you don’t have to paint it (well, unless you want to). Good luck with whatever you decide. If you have any questions feel free to ask. 

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