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Soft parts? Undersuit/neckseal/ ribbed pieces

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I've been researching different kits for awhile still not 100% on anything.

I found an "affordable" vendor for the hard armor and weapons. Where do you start with the soft parts? Especially the ribbed pieces? Can anyone point me in the direction of a affordable vendor or DIY for an undersuit along with all the ribbed parts?

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There are a couple of sources, none are terribly accurate. You have ArmoryShop, Darkside Closet and Jim Tripon. I think Jim's gaskets are the most accurate. Sheev's Emporium did a one off run many moons ago and was probably the most accurate but he won't do them any more.

Good luck with your build

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Martin, though you may have found an "affordable" vendor for your armor hard parts, most of the soft parts vendors charge $300-500 for their soft parts, when you decide on your armor vendor, factor in the additional cost for the soft parts and then bounce that off the cost of what vendors who include soft parts with their kits. Also you need to realize that this costume is one of the more costly ones, its along the lines of a Vader. The "Approved Vendor's List" on this forum needs to be updated. But as Mark @nanotek mentioned above vendors such as Denis at the ArmoryShop and Jim @jimmiroquai include their soft parts as "package deals with their armor. Mike at the Darkside Closet has set up a new work space so he will be ramping back up his operations. There are a few WIP build threads in the Death Trooper section of the Forums where some members have made their own undersuits. A quick search for DIY undersuit brings up most of them. Welcome to the ranks of becoming a Death Trooper and best of luck with your build.

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