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Source for Eye Lens for Death Trooper Helmet

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I'm in the process of 3d printing a Death Trooper Helmet/Armor from Tom Campbell's files (which are incredible, by the way).  I have the helmet printed and ready to assemble and sand, but I'm looking for the proper eye lens.  I've searched and can't find any recommendations for what to use, what type of acrylic, acetate, plastic, etc., nor what is the best color.  Any recommendations?  I'd love to know what thickness, material, and color others have used, or what you guys would recommend.  Thanks in advance for the help!

Don K.

UPDATE - I found this on TrooperBay.com, and I assume the Dark Green is the proper color.  Can anyone confirm?


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If you want to cut your own and fit it in your helmet you can use something like these and cut and heat bend to fit.



or you can go to the Vendor's list in this forum and contact the helmet vendor's and see if they sell just the lens piece.


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Chaos - thanks very much ... I went with the darker face shield from Amazon ... looks like this will provide a good dark lens but still have the hint of green required.  Greatly appreciate the help and I'll post pics of the helmet once it's finished.  I've got it all printed, now just to start the assembly, painting and sanding.  Thanks again!

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