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Thoughts/input on strapping

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There has been a bit of chatter on various detachment forums regarding the strapping system on some of the newer trooper costumes (Disney era stuff).  Do we have anything posted here for the Deathtrooper?  There have been some posts on Facebook - but I haven't found anything on this forum (I'll admit, I didn't look very hard).

It appears to me that many of the new era troopers may have used very similar strapping including the corset-style kidney/ab pieces - which I'm totally convinced is what is going on with the deathtrooper (I'm in the process of updating my armour to have this).  Maybe I'm wrong - I don't know.

Anyway, if there is a post here outlining the current thinking, then great.  If not, maybe we could start putting together some images and ideas of how the strapping is thought to be set up.




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