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DT Helmet

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Hello, everyone! I am working on my first armor build, and I am trying to figure out the best way to approach the helmet. I plan on putting LED lights on the tusks, as well as the NSM monitor. Is it better to sand/prime/pain first, then apply the lights? Or is it better to do the lights first, then the paint? What is the best way to attach the eye lens? I planned on using either a hard hat liner or bike helmet padding to get the helmet to fit. Eventually I would like to add the voice changer, too. Any help/tips would be appreciated. Thank you!

Edit: 850 armorworks made the helmet. 

death trooper helmet.jpg

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Who made your helmet?  Knowing that would help some of the others on this site who have had the same one identify what they did to add the lighting.  I think the bottom line, though, is if that there are already holes for the lighting, I'd sand/prime/paint first, but if not, I'd get all the access drilled and opened up first, then sand/prime/paint.  By the way, I'd recommend the voice changer from UKSWrath.  I have this system to install and it does everything you might want.  Tony is a member here, communication is unparalleled, and he makes great stuff (including LED lighting for the NASM and tusks of your helmet).



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850 Armorworks made my helmet. It looks like I will have a lot of drilling to do in order to install the lights. The tusk lights and NSM should arrive next week. Thank you for the advice- I will look into the voice changer. I enjoy working on the armor. It's a challenge, but fun!

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