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Shadow Stormtrooper origins

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Just wanted to ask if anyone knows exact details about the origins/history of the shadow stormtroopers? I have read the wiki about them but wondered if there was anything else about them . I want to make sure I know all about them so that when I wear my TX I can accurately talk about why I am a black stormtrooper. Also thought it would be good to have a thread here on SpecOps talking about this.

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There's a short Introduction posted at the top of the CRL:


SHADOW STORMTROOPER (a.k.a Stealth Trooper; Blackhole Trooper)



Shadow Stormtroopers were first created by the Imperial agent codenamed Blackhole. Instead of plastoid their armor was cast with stygian-triprismatic polymer, to provide sensor stealth and make the armor black in color. After Blackhole's disappearance during the Galactic Civil War, the Shadow Stormtroopers found their way into other imperial groups. Most notably as part of Carnor Jax's private army.



Gambler's Worlds (1979-1984 comic strip: Los Angeles Times Syndicate)

Crimson Empire (Comic: Darkhorse)


It does need some new changes though, as the novel Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor furthered the storyline.

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here's a few pictures from Gambler's World ... Ahhh the 70's:




Gambler's World - originally published April 18th, 1979



Gambler's World - originally published April 13th, 1979



Gambler's World - originally published April 11th, 1979



The strips are from this site: Link

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