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Connecting the armor

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Hello there!

I've been working on my Death Trooper set for a couple months now, and I finally have all the pieces together (helmet arriving soon). Now that I've got all the pieces, I'm not really sure how to connect them. I have an under-suit that has all the gaskets on it, but I was told that usually the armor doesn't connect to the under-suit. My armor is made out of fiberglass, so it will need to be held in place sturdily.

Thanks for any advice!

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Here are some references that I've seen from others.  Check out these, as they are way more experienced that I at assembly and strapping.

This first one is from ArmoryShop Props, one of the pre-eminent makers of full Death Trooper Armor kits:

The second video is from Andrew McCleary with PlasticArmsDealer, another pre-eminent maker of DT Armor based out of Florida.  His video shows how DT Armor is put on, so you can see how it is strapped and assembled.

Third, (and these are in no particular order), is an example of someone who strapped up a fiberglass kit from JimmiRoquai (Jim Tripon), another great DT armor maker from the Phillipines:


Finally, there is a video out there from Tom Campbell, the author of the best 3d printing files, showing how he has strapped his armor.  However, I can't find it right off.  If and when I find it, I'll edit this post and add it in.

Good luck with your build!

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