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Getting close to finishing the Nova

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Well - I'm getting close to finishing my Nova Elite Armour, even though I havnt had much time to work on it lately. Still have to finish off the helmet, do a bit more of the strapping for the shoulders and give it all a coat of polish. Also have to figure out how to do the belt. Too bad they dont do canvass like the white meat cans. It would be easy to sew that up. I think it looks pretty decent though (no clue if its up to stardards but I like it) See what you guys think.


So here are the Armour and Backpack



post-213-095918400 1301638608_thumb.jpg

post-213-046847300 1301638665_thumb.jpg

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Doug - Well done sir!


Drop me an e-mail and let me know your schedual for your drive to BC when you get a chance.



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Well I think I have it done as far as my skills will allow. I'm still not totally happy with it but..........


I spent all afternoon yesterday trying to figure out how to get photobucket to work so I hope this works right.


These are the pictures of the individual parts of the outfit. If you see anything amiss please let me know.


I have a friend coming over later today to take pictures of me in it so I'll post them later on.


I'd appreciate any feedback you guys could give me before I submit it. Better to fix the mistakes (if possible) now than just tie up a submission.


Thanks for the help




First the helmet









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Everything's looking good except the under suit needs to be like a spandex material. Search for compression gear or under armor , although I don't prefer the name brand because their logos show everywhere and have to be covered. It is ok to have a separate top and bottom. Some troopers even use dive suits. But the cloth suit you have there won't get approved.



You might also need to put some actual buttons on the ab plate. I'm not 100% sure on that though. The TK buttons that you can buy from various suppliers are too small to cover those. You can find snaps with gloss black that will work. You wouldn't need to actually clamp them, just drill a smaller hole and push the top glossy piece in. You might need to get these anyway as it looks like you'll need them for the 3 buttons on the belt front. Refer to the Elite Nova Trooper CRL here http://forum.501stsp...ovatrooper-crl/ .






Just some pointers so you don't get held up when you submit it for approval. :)

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Thanks - I had no idea that there were buttons on the belt. Havnt come across that anywhere.


The undersuit should be ok as I bought it from the place recommended on the tutorials as being "501st approved" - http://www.extremeracing.co.uk/Stormtrooper/Stormtrooper/prod_10.html


Great idea with the snaps. I have them here already so it wont take much to add them.


Here's what it looks like assembled. I've already found alot of stuff I want to change or modify though. Hopefully its good enough to get approved then I can start rebuilding one piece at a time. Most notably I need to find a better way of attaching the pieces together. Even with both velcro and snaps all it takes is a slight turn the wrong way and something is falling off. Not impressive.


First without the backpack:
















Then with the backpack on










And just to prove it is me :)



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You might want to email AM and ask them if you can get a set of belt buttons from them. If you notice the buttons are on top of a square, and you can see them here in the new AM kit. PM sent about contact info.



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Doug ... Looks like you're almost there. I sent an e-mail with some info and ideas ... it was a bit long to post.


Let me know if you have any questions ... Looking Good!

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Greeting Doug!


I just had to pop in to "see" what your Nova Trooper looks like. That way I'll know what to look for when we meetup at the next Con.


WOW! I had no idea how awesome it looks. It's even my favorite color!




Kevin (Spartan LongShot-X)

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