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shaggy13 DT build

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Ever since I watched RO I've always liked the DT. being 6'4" made it a perfect choice. having done 2 Vader's I have a little OCD to accuracy.

Here's my list:

Basic Requirements:

Helmet : 850 (ordered)

Undersuit: Darkside Closet (ordered)

Armour: 850 (ordered)

Boots : Dr. Marten Talib (DONE)

Gloves : Endor Finders (DONE)

Belt : 850 (ordered)

Belt Buckle : 850 or upgrade to Plastic Arms

Canvas Ammo Pouches : A and J (ordered)

Balaclava : Already have one (DONE)

Leather Pouch : A and J (ordered)

Leather holster : A and J (ordered)

Voice/Sound: MiCom (DONE)


E-11D : Premier Props (ordered)

SE-14r : Premier Props (ordered)

Grenades : ?

HK Mags: ?


Specialist level requirements:

MP40 Ammo Pouch : A and J or Epic Miltaria

Pauldron : ?

Chest Rig : Condor 


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Good luck on your build.  Post some pics when you get things in and keep us informed.  It's great to read others builds, especially someone of your ... um ... stature.  It will be interesting for all the other tall DT's out there to see how things fit.

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Looks like you've done a lot of research and koodos to you for doing an 850 build as well.  Feel free to check out my build as well as wook1138's build.  Both of ours are 850 builds and I will help as best I can for sure.  If your doing the specialist gear, A&J Projects also does the pauldrons, I think they do or at least did the grenades and HK mags as well.  They have a facebook page in which you can ask them.  Looking forward to seeing your progress!

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