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10345 Sith Trooper Build

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I was one of the troopers that ordered a Jim Tripon kit for the premier. I got it ready to wear in 7 days, so naturally it looked like a rush job, didn't have the reflective look I wanted, and was an off the shelf red color (rustoleum apple red). Here's what it looked like back then. Decent, but not up to the standard I wanted.


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So I went back to the start. I sanded all the old red off with 400 grit sandpaper. Then I used filler primer, sanded to 400 grit. A layer of primer sanded to 600 grit. Layer of red sanded to 600, then a final layer sanded to 800. The red I used is a paint match to Armory Shop's helmet done by My Perfect Color. You can find it on their website asĀ  "Trooper Red." The sanding of the red layer is mostly to get rid of imperfections such as paint runs and big pin holes. I then use a Kobalt paint sprayer hooked up to my air compressor to spray an automotive 2k clear coat on it. If you can afford this route, I highly recommend it. The results are incredible and way easier than sanding up to 3000 grit multiple times to get that desired shine . I also added the shoulder grooves to Jim's chest. I just taped the lines and used a circular deal on my Dremel to mark the lines in the armor and used a file to make them clean and deep. I'm almost done with the painting. I'm also modding the neck piece so it doesn't stand up at the neck. Can't wait to strap is up and get to trooping in it again. I love my other costumes, but this one is so comfortable to wear once I'm in it.






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