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Shadowtrooper 1st armor build

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Hello group, My name is Chris. I am a member of Garrison Carida, located here in PA.

So my original plan was to do a Magma. But while waiting for the time to be right for it, low and behold there was a pandemic and  WTF had a sale. So I ended up with a Shadow to build instead. This is my first armor build. My first build was the end of last summer when I made a Tusken Raider and was approved with it.

I am hopeful that as we come out of this pandemic, we can start to have armor parties again here in PA. Having help is always so much less stressful. I have my kit, my undersuit, gloves, and boots from Imperial Boots(had a great sale). So I am on my way. Now to start and trim pieces and work toward getting this built and approved.


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Welcome Chris,

you will always find help here, so just ask whatever you wanna know, thats what we are here for...helping new TX units!

SpecOps won't leave you alone ...

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Thank you guys, I have spent the last few months studying FISD and the build threads here. So now it is time to start trimming. I am sure I will have questions along the way.

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