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New Shadow Scout?

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Anyone reading the new Dark Horse Star Wars comic, "Darth Vader and the Lost Command"? I meant to post this before, it's already up to issue 3, but my scanner/printer is screwed up, lol.


It's set about 19 years before the Battle of Yavin, and Vader is searching for Grand Moff Tarkin's son who is MIA after a battle. He's got a specialized crew with him, and they look like Shadow Scouts / Storm Commandos but different, I'm guessing because of the era it's set in (like how they evolve Clonetroopers to Stormtroopers over time = subtle changes as the fictional years progress).


I did a quick google and found this:




If I can get my scanner working I'll post some more, or you could run (not walk) to the local comic shop and pick up the books :)

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Those look like storm commandos! We may finally have 360 shots not based off a toy. :D




dude if it's the Storm Commando you'll have a million shots from every angle you'd want, the last issue was full of 'em! If you guys don't have a local comic shop let me know, I'll pick up some extra copies and mail them to whoever needs them for the CRLs :thumbsup:

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Yeah, Borders is the closest thing I have. They don't keep back issues and I can't get there every week to keep up with them, so I don't buy them. I think there's one or 2 comic shops in the tri-state somewhere though.

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Ugh...kina ugly. I really wish the artists drawing a SW comic would use a little more detail when drawing armor. So basic. Where's Brian Ching when ya need him? :teehee:

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Izzi, sent you issue #4 today ;)


I couldn't find another issue #3 and the shop can't backorder it, and there was nothing in issue #5, but with #1, 2 and 4 you should have some good pictures. Let me know if you got the first two issues, I can't remember if you did.


I've given up on trying to fix my scanner, but in it's defense it's like 10 years old hahaha. I'm going to pick up a new one next time I'm out at Target or whatever...

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I believe I did. Unfortunately all my misc. stuff recently wound up in boxes during a bit of spring cleaning, so I'm going to have to look for them. (BTW, those trading cards you sent were great!)



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