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Norv's Deathtrooper Build

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Hello! I've neglected starting this thread for too long but I'm currently in the process of getting a DT outfit together and (hopefully) getting approved once it's all together and any needed tweaks are made. I've ordered all parts already and I've commissioned the services of Shawn over at Imperial Assembly on Facebook to get the armor kit together and done for me, he's been an awesome guy and would highly recommend. Below are the parts and vendors I've ordered them from, having heavily referred to the vendor list and threads for DT builds on this forum the whole way.


Helmet Kit w/rangefinder and LEDs - 850 Armorworks

Armor Kit - 850 Armorworks

Balaclava - Imperial Boots

Full Undersuit w/ Gaskets - Dark Side Closet

Gloves - Endor Finders

Belt Kit - Plasticarmsdealer

Canvas Pouches for Belt - Dark Side Closet

Leather Pouch for Belt - A&J Projects

Holster for Belt- A&J Projects

Boots - Imperial Boots

   Optional Accessories: 

E11-D Blaster - Imperialarms3d

Helmet Audio Systems - UKSWRATH

Specialist Pauldron - A&J Projects

Specialist MP40 Pouches - A&J Projects

Specialist Chestrig Full Kit - Armoryshopprops


Please let me know if I missed anything! Any advice is appreciated and welcome! In the meantime, I just received the belt kit today and am not entirely sure how to get this together in the best and most reliable way once I get the other parts for it. https://imgur.com/a/DfiaTy9


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With the belt kit, you probably want to wait to get your pouches in before final assembly of everything.  Also, you want to figure out how the belt will work and hook together in conjunction with your armor, since the abdomen piece, butt piece, and cod piece are all usually sandwiched under the belt.  I'd wait and do the belt last once you have the armor (I know that might be tough, since you have that in hand and are anxious to work on something).  As far as building the belt itself, check out this link:  https://www.jollyrogers1942.com/death-trooper-build-reference.html  This has a great tutorial on how to assemble the belt and each part of the belt.

Personally, I don't use a belt buckle like in that instruction page.  Instead, I use a 3" velcro strap as an underbelt, with velcro glued to the inside of the main rubber belt itself.  I attach velcro to the armor pieces so I can sandwich them in place between the inner belt and main belt, and everything stays firm and in place without the outer belt sagging at all.  I then hide the end of the main belt under the rear pouch.  The underbelt also provides a good support for the straps for the thigh pieces, which end up being hidden behind your two front pouches.

Good luck and keep posting your WIP pics and questions!

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Update! Received my Endor Finders Gloves late this evening, they look and feel amazing! One concern however is my hands are quite small and despite getting the smallest size I could, while the gloves feel fine around the hands the fingers definitely have a lot of space at the tips to the point it feels a bit off. Any recommendations for this? My friend suggested putting some cotton inside the tips to make up the difference. Thanks!



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