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Mudtrooper Heavy Gunner CRL Proposal

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so here is where i am on a crl and there is plenty of room for changes 



  • 12" (304.8mm) diameter black plastic dome.
  • Front and back covers with holes over-laid onto dome, holes are approximately 7/8" to 1" (2 to 2.5 centimeters).
  • Back "wing" extending about 4" (101.6mm) below the rim of the dome at the sides and about 7" (177.8mm) at the back, encompassing about half the circumference of the helmet.
  • Ear blocks with a bend to match the flare of the "wing" over each ear at the front ends of the "wing" with geometric circle patterns in the top half and a spaced out area of "dimples" in the lower half.
  • see navy trooper helmet reference 


  • Goggles shall have an aged chrome frame with detail painting and weathering to match reference image. The knurled nose bridge adjuster is brass in appearance.
  • Goggles shall have a trim around metallic frame. Trim shall be rubber or foam.
  • Goggles have dark angled lens featuring two flat panels on each side.
  • Goggle Strap features two sizes of elastic - The thinner elastic strap attaches directly to the goggles and is sewn to the larger strap, which forms the main goggle strap.
  • The goggle strap features a number of buckles:
  • There are metallic buckles on each side of the goggles through which the 1" (25mm) elastic is threaded.
    • A large buckle greeblie on the lefthand side through which the 1.5" (40mm) elastic is threaded. This greeblie features a beige square.
    • Two black tri-glides on the right rear through which the 1.5" (40mm) elastic is threaded.
  • Goggles may be worn over the eyes or on the brim of the helmet or hang loosely around neck


  • Made of a medium-weight waterproof fabric that is black with a matte finish.
  • Two flares at the breast overlap and close in the front.
  • A seam runs down the arm on the outside, it begins at the costumers collar.
  • Cuffed sleeves with a single button towards the end of the cuff.
  • On the back the storm shield has a pinch pleat at the top center of the shoulders.
  • The coat has seem running mid-calf and is straight cut along the bottom edge with a send length that extends to just above the top of the boot
  • The coat below the belt has a split seam in the back.
  • Two optional pocket flaps can appear at the costumer's hip.
  • The coat is can be worn open

Coat shows wear and is muddy/dirty.



  • Fabric should be a medium weight black suiting material exactly matching the pants and hat.
  • Tunic is double-breasted with a left over right closure on the tapered yoke.
  • Yoke comes straight across from the collar center not coming up to the shoulder seam.
  • The standing collar has square corners and is about 1.25" (31.8 mm) tall and closes snugly and includes a modesty panel.
  • Sleeves are long, and without decoration, cuffs or buttons, containing 2 seams, one along the bottom and one along the back.
  • There are no code cylinder pockets.
  • Princess seams are optional.
  • Shall be moderately to heavily weathered.

CHEST ARMOR : see range trooper chest plate for reference

plate shall have 3 red illuminated square buttons at the  left of plate on a raised area

at the bottom center there shall be a recessed area with  series of greeblies including 1 long blue illuminated button and 2 smaller blue buttons 

at mid chest on the right there shall be an elongated oval red illuminated detail 

no collar present and buckles from back armor attaches at top of chest plate at either side of collar opening 




  • Chest and back plate meet at the sides.
  • Black foam extends from the arm openings.
  • Back has two large cut out recesses with vent details and greeblies inside.
  • The walls and floor of the recesses shall be matte field gray.
  • Each recess has different and specific set of boxes inside.
  • Bottom left features a smaller rectangle cut out with the left side stepped. The floor of the cut out and the walls inside match the color of the armor.
  • Half circle indent detail beneath the backpack section must be present.
  • There is a long thin raised greeblie positioned central and below the 2 large recess.
  • There is a small raised circle greeblie positioned central and below the above named greeblie.
  • There is a raised slot on each shoulder for the straps to fit into.
  • Shoulder straps are matte olive green with moderate weathering and are affixed to the chest plate at the buckle.
  • Back plate is painted field gray with moderate weathering.


  • Each shoulder bell is a mirror image of the other.
  • The detailing of each shoulder bell is asymmetrical.
  • Shoulders should have a longer flat edge that covers top of bicep with a shorter flat edge that connects to chest armor.
  • Shallow grooves are present in a pattern matching the photo.
  • Shoulders are painted matte field gray with moderate weathering.


  • Bicep cover strips are raised and beveled with an added strip layer on top.
  • Left bicep is matte field gray with moderate weathering.
  • Right bicep armor is painted red with three yellow squares on the cover strip, with moderate weathering.
  • Each bicep may feature a slanted fishhook detail that is inset into the bicep top facing outward.


  • Black gloves with black leather or leather-like material on the palm, thumb, forefinger and middle finger.
  • Back of palm, ring finger and pinky have no leather on the back side.
  • Gloves have a U-shaped Velcro closure around the wrist.
  • Gloves shall have all logos removed.


  • The belt is constructed from a non-textured leather or a leather-like material.
  • Approximately 2" (50mm) in width up to 3" (76mm) is acceptable.
  • There are no loops on the belt.
  • A single large snap or rivet is visible approximately 1" (25mm) from the buckle.
  • The belt may be worn with the snap to the right or left of the wearer.
  • The buckle is a standard officer buckle painted with matte olive gray paint and is moderately weathered.
  • Buckle is adorned with an Imperial Code Disk at the center.
    • Please refer to the Imperial Buckle reference page for information on accurate and inaccurate style buckles.


  • Fabric is a black medium weight suiting material.
  • Pockets are acceptable, although not visible with the tunic on.
  • Pants are neatly pressed or ironed, but with no creases.
  •  pants are straight leg in style and rest on the top of the shoes without bunching or giving any sloppy appearance.
  • Shall be moderately to heavily weathered.


  • Jackboot or kersey boot style, knee high smooth black leather or leather like material.
  • Free of laces, decorative stitching, buckles on the instep or any other embellishments.
  • Boots may have a single adjustment strap at the top outside of the boot. This need not be functional.
  • Zippers on the inside of the boot are acceptable, so long as they are concealed.
  • Boots shall be tall enough to fit both shin straps.
  • Boots shall be heavily weathered.
  • Boots should form fit to the calf and not be loose.







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14 hours ago, mike ford said:

also back plate and shoulder armor are under the jacket and should probably be assumed to be standard mudtrooper minus u shaped collar

we could assume that. we could also make that backplate optional possibly.  just a thought 

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