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Izzi's newest Shadow Scout addition

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Well...after much consideration, and after finding out I can actually wear glasses while wearing the helmet, I am giving in to peer pressure and making a shadow scout! Yay!!!


Armor-ordered and on the way from SC

Helmet-ordered from KS (who have black ABS at the moment of my typing)

Cummerbund-need to bribe the eventual mini-me to make...or something.

Blaster-I like guns...need to get one. (pew pew!!!)

Boots-to be fabricated.


Pics to come when relevant pics exist (meaning when I have armor to work on and izzi forces me to take pics)

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Dustin...welcome to the madhouse, but wasn't I the one who convinced you to go Shadow Scout instead of Shadow Stormtrooper? Why does izzi get the credit? :P

Cause I have better hair! D'uh! :teehee:



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That's why he is the DL!!! :lol:

Ask the command staff, there is no illusion ;)

lmao!!! shhhh he'll hear you.....:unsure:

Too late, he has spies everywhere.... *dodges behind a rock in the vain hopes of escaping from being kicked by izzi's boot of justice*


You better believe it... And they're boots of VENGEANCE! Leave "justice" to the rebels.



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