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Imperial Army Vendor List - boots updated

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Below is a list of Vendors for the Imperial Army Trooper and Engineer/ Sapper  that are in good standing with the Spec Ops Detachment.

This list is not all inclusive and there are other Vendors that make items for the Imperial Army.  Should other Vendors provide us with their information we will update this list accordingly.

If you know or use a Vendor that is not listed, contact them and have the Vendor contact us and we will add them. Recommendations are welcome but will not be added to this list unless provided by the Vendor themselves.

The Spec Ops Detachment does not endorse any Vendor over any others. It is up to you the Trooper to do the research and exercise due diligence when purchasing any products from Vendors. 
The Spec Ops Detachment does not get involved in any disputes that a customer may have with a Vendor and even though these Vendors are considered to be in “Good Standing,” it is not uncommon for issues to arise that must be worked out between the buyer and seller. The Spec Ops Detachment endorses a “Buyer Beware” philosophy on any and all transactions.


Costume Name: Imperial Army Trooper, Army Engineer, Army Sapper 


•    Intergalactic Supply 
     o   www.facebook.com/IntergalacticSupply
             Contact for all helmets.  Make sure you order the correct helmet for your trooper. Check the CRL. 
•     Walts Trooper Factory  (WTF)
     o   Walts Trooper Factory  , www.facebook.com/waltstrooperfactory/

             Contact for all helmets. Make sure you order the correct helmet for your trooper.  Check the CRL.


Helmet Transmitter Unit

•    TrooperPX made the most accurate. Stand by for his tutorial on how to create your own at home. 



•    ESSS style goggles 
      o   Army trooper googles ,   Army trooper goggles 

Imperial Hat:

There are multiple sources for the black Officer style hat, and the green officer style hat.  This is a sample of available vendors. 

      o   Eadu Armory hat , TIgg Wolf Creations website  , TIgg Wolf Creations Facebook , 20EyesDesign Etsy site  , A&J Projects hat,  Imperial Code Disc

Black Imperial Army Coveralls:

•    There are no vendors. this is a simple conversion from an existing commercial suit. See Army section for tutorial. 
       o    Automotive workwear CT-10 , Amazon Essentials coverall

 Imperial Army Patch:

       o    Endor Finders Army Patch (currently sold out), Walts Trooper Factory (Currently out of stock) HeroTecX

Green Imperial Army Coveralls: 
•    There are no vendor, this is a simple conversion from an existing commercial suit. See Army section for tutorial. 
     o    CDCR Olive green coverall  , Elbeco coverall ,  Olive green Dickies coverall , British Army Boiler Suit,  USN Mechanic coveralls
              Commercial coveralls which need a simple conversion. 


Short green gloves.  3 lines across the back of the hand are permitted. 

      o   Law Pro search gloves leather like glove . Green leather glove  

Pistol Belt and Harness:

•    Green pistol belt with side release buckle. 

     o    Pistol belt LC2 pistol belt , Rothco pistol belt


      There is no known vendor for the Harness yet.  If you know of one please message me so I can reach out out to the Vendor. The harness is simple to make with         the following parts.  You will need nine or ten feet to construct the harness. 
     o  2" light polypropylene webbing ,  2" heavy polypropylene webbing , 2" webbing Etsy ,  triglides  Plastic Triglide2" snap hooks
              Follow the CRL for how to assemble the harness. Snap hooks may be omitted if you loop the harness webbing around the pistol belt. 


There are multiple sources for MOLLE pouches.  Paint as required to match your other gear.  Simple pouches are better, no zippers or velcro or zipper pull strings should be visible; remove as needed. 

•    Handcuff pouches: 

     o  Condor MA-47 Molle tactical handcuff pouch  , Molle Handcuff style pouches  , Molle handcuff pouch

•    Strobe pouches: 

      o strobe pouch , fox modular compass pouch

•    Utillity,  dump and triple mag pouches:

      o  dump pouch triple mag pouch , condor triple mag pouch, triple mag pouch  utility pouch , Condor pouch  

•    Gas Mask pouches (Sapper):Molle gas mask pouch , Condor mask pouch

Short Boots:

•    The boots are shorter than traditional jackboots, but rise above the ankle.  Black boots are accepted for all Army costumes, but must be painted green for L2. 

Check the Looking for Commuter Boots topic pinned to the Imperial Army topics for a wider range of sizes and options 

     o     Blondo boot (not totally correct, this is not a commuter/ stadium boot)

  • stadium boot  (this boot has a fabric upper that cold be covered by vinyl for the correct appearance)

             You may also cut down an "engineer " style boot to the correct height, and add a top strip. 

Optional Accessories:

Imperial Sapper Backpack 

•    The sapper is set apart from the Engineer by the helmet, back pack and additional pouches. 

      o    Imperial Trooper Backpacks

MP 40 pouches 

    o    cotton duck MP 40 pouches  , leather MP40 pouches

Saw Gunner pouch (Chest rig)

    o    Saw gunner pouch , M249 pouch

Square back glove

    o  square handback rapalling glove

Montana Gold paint  (used to paint Army Trooper components )

The chosen color for this costume and its components is Montana Gold brand Olive Green  stock number CL6340 . it is available from art retailers, Michaels, DIck Blick, etc. 

    o     MG olive green dick blick CheapJoes paint 

Stormtrooper belt (*plastic and canvas)

     o TrooperBay soft belt  ROTJ Style hard plastic belt

For level 1 approval a standard ANH style TK belt is approved. For L2 approval a ROTJ style belt is worn with ANH style drop boxes.  

 E-11 holster with loops (black or green)

     o  Black holster Philo Props  E-11 holster Darman Props

This vendor list is subject to change. 


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updated with new links 10/4/22
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I just spoke with John at Endor Finders and the IA patch is on order, and should be available for purchase in a few weeks. 


During that time you can sign up on his Email list from the EF website and get notifications of when they are back in stock. 

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