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Shadow Stormtrooper Reference Pictures

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Art References;

Star Wars Adventures

bhtrooper1.1.jpg bhtrooper1.2.jpg bhtrooper1.3.jpg bhtrooper1.4.jpg bhtrooper1.5.jpg bhtrooper1.6.jpg bhtrooper2.1.jpg


Crimson Empire

739017.jpg 208147986.jpg


Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor



Star Wars Shop Trading Card



Star Wars Galaxies TCG

SWG_Set6_19_1600x1200.jpg SWGTCGConqueror.jpg ShadowStormtrooper.png ShadowOperation.jpg 1222-1303-thickbox.jpg


Gentle Giant Statues & Busts:

BlackholeTrooper.jpg 572676fc-e47c-4e87-9751-7ee7c0331820.jpg  Gentle-Giant-Shadow-Stormtrooper-Bust.jpg


Master Replicas Mini Helmet:



Action Figure Supporting References:

Star wars Unleashed Figure:



3/4" Hasbro Figure:

8640DEE619B9F36910F9EEEDEC4A1CFB.jpg IMG_1724.jpg IMG_2060.jpg 001-Copy_zpsb2874190.jpg


Real Action Hero Figure:



Side Show Collectibles 12 inch FIgure

imageload2.jpg imageload3.jpg imageload4.jpg


Hasbro Black Series: Shadow Squadron


Black Series Shadow Squadron.jpg


Hasbro Vintage Collection

TVC 1.jpg TVC 2.jpg TVC 3.jpg

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