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Waffenmeister 3D Print build

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You might want to rethink the files you are using for the helmet, they are way off and are going to require a lot of modifications. 

Here are just a few examples. Not trying to bust your chops, I encourage everyone to strive for CRL and 501st approval standards. If you want to print your own helmet I recommend using Sean Fields files.




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I printed the hex3d helmet and yes its not perfect but will do until have the tom campbell files.  The armour is a waist of time, geoff hasnt updated them since 2019 and all pieces are wrong. they are too thick, incorrect patterning on the armour and just all wrong.  I invested in Toms MCM design files and started on those instead.  Please do yourself a favour and save up for toms files.  Just wanted to point out that I was a Hex3d patreon and love geoffs work but this one was not good and also you need to realise that most of hex3d is parody style to stop any copyright infringements.

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