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Shadow Trooper WIP

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Ok, so this is my first try on. Just worried about the thighs. I have a belt that I have 2 suspender clips onto the belt, they are connected to the thighs, with a snap and velcro. 

For extra hold. My worry is them dropping, well the belt sliding down. I'm going to make a h frame harness to the belt to hold it in place. 

Next up for me is the helmet, just Walt never sent the ears, so waiting for those.



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I second what @Dropkick said for that extra support. I use Velcro for mine and have loops around my belt to keep it from pulling down, as well as a nice suspender system.

You may want to heat up (carefully) those shoulder bells to open them up a little more if they are pinching you or getting caught on the biceps; they may fit a bit better as well. The only other thing is getting that TD a bit straighter.

Are you planning on going Specialist (L2)?

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That was my wife who put that on lol.

Once I get it all done then I will make sure it is straight. L2, I just want approval first. Thats the goal. will then work it a bit more after that. 

Bells dont pinch, but will try and expand them a little more. 

the belt is my next project. I have a police suspender harness coming, that will work well. Loop that around the belt to keep it up and clip the thighs to that, maybe even loop it. Also need to reduce the gap in the back. And then start on the helmet once the ears come.

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I also meant to say that you need to have the positioned so that they aren't super visible either, as the control panel should be what is seen the most:

Screenshot 2021-04-24 06.54.48.png Screenshot 2021-04-24 06.55.52.png

That pic is from the CRL (left) vs your (right), taken from directly at the back.

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Since this, I have painted the brackets. And adjusted the clips to show more of the thermo.

Also now the ears came in, so here is the build. with speakers, fans and helmet liner.



Just need to paint the screw heads and rivets. Also add the holster. then a full suit up and see what you guys think. 

Hope to be approved in time for SupaNova late June.

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