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Crimson Boots

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Hi Guys


I have a question about the boots.

What is the best way to go by coloring boots?


I live in denmark, and everytime i order something outside the EU, i wil have to pay taxes and handling fees when items arrives. This is usually around 60 USD, added to the origianally price. So i want to see if i can make that a bit cheaper by coloring the boots myself.


How do i do that?

Sanding the surface and paint with spraypaint or leather paint?



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I'm a leather crafter/hobbiest...... use a high quality spray paint and use light coats. Should take 3 at least.
My teacher was a shoe maker. He suggests  the brands: 
TRG color spray,  or the best, Meltonian Nu-Life

Stay away from the 'Moneysworth' Brillo brand. It isn't a money saver and just about any other spraypaint will do better...according to him. I've never had a need to use any of it till now... and am going to post a separate question.

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2 hours ago, FireMist said:

Here are the two paints for changing shoe color my mentor in leather work had recommended. :
Again, the Meltonian is the best as he tells me.
I've not used either of these.


s-l1600 (1).jpg

These should work for recoloring TK boots back to a white as well (i had to remove weathering but not all of it came off)?  Thanks for the suggestions!

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I used automotive laquer for mine, but that was purely for color consistency. So I would think that it would depend on what color you are needing. Black or brown would be easy to use a leather paint as it's a neutral color.  But when it comes to other colors that will make it tricky.

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