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Hey troopers, i have the ICAT driver done and approved and figured that i should also do the mud trooper. I printed out the helmet, goggles, and respirator. Im trying to source the soft goods for the helmet goggles and respirator. I ordered the poncho, scarf and gloves . I just need to print out a new bicep. 


Im trying to figur out how to wear and attach the poncho to the armor and get it to hang right. Anyone have any tips? Im going to use the dye remover and dye it black soon. 


I dont think im too far off since i have the ICAT driver done already. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated 

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Hi Dave! Great to see you adapting your ICAT to a Mudtrooper.

You’ll find one solution to the Plash solution in my build thread here: 


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