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WTF Shadow Trooper - Start to Finish ECG Armory Series (TX-6744)

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I thought I'd share my videos from my Walt's Trooper Factory Build these past 3 months. I received the kit in February 2021 and spent every weekend working on it, documenting every single step from Start to Finish. I did this as part of a project with my Garrison, the Empire City Garrison in NY, called the ECG Armory. It took 3 months, 22 Episodes, and around 60-70 hours to complete. I did speed up parts of the video that were redundant or repetitive, so it clocks in around 20 hours for all 22 episodes. I am proud to say my armor was approved last week, and I can add Shadow Trooper (TX-6744) as my 9th costume approval with the 501st Legion. Shout outs to ukswrath and Mike from Trooperbay, your videos and guides were a great resource and helped me build this as accurately as possible. All episodes are available on our ECG YouTube channel, and we have been posting them on our Facebook page every Friday. I hope they will be helpful in guiding and inspiring new and existing members to take on the challenge of building a costume.


ECG YouTube Channel (Please Subscribe!)



ECG Armory Playlist on YouTube:



ECG Facebook Page:



Thank You 
Chris Feehan  
Commanding Officer 
501st Legion's Empire City Garrison
TK-6744 / SL-6744 / TB-6744 / TI-6744 / IG-6744 / TX-6744


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Chris, first and foremost, congrats on the approval!! Welcome to Spec Ops (make sure to request Spec Ops access ;) )

Second, this series is something awesome to have! I'm going to pin this thread into this forum for future recruits to have easy access to. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this!

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