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DZ-31221 Shadow Scout WIP

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So excited to start this build thread! I currently troop as a Jawa with the 501st and a Jedi with the Rebel Legion. I've watched my teenagers build armor, and decided it was something that I wanted to try. We have one Shadow Scout and several Biker Scouts in our garrison, and they've been great with advice.

Armor was created by a friend in Pittsburgh; still waiting on the chest armor and the helmet. (Regular size chest armor was going to be way too big; working from smaller molds now.)

I decided to save money and sew my flight suit. (This may not have been my best decision, but it's summer and I have time to work on things. Plus, I want to try and keep the cost down where possible -- and this ended up around $40, so that was a bonus.) I based the suit off of Simplicity's pattern #8722. My big mistake was that I didn't think to alter the height of the pattern before starting. (I'm the type of person who can follow literal sewing directions, but I don't have the same sewing intuition that my mom does. I could have used a big heads-up in the directions that said something like, "STOP! Measure torso length and adjust pattern accordingly before cutting fabric!")

The thing is, I'm only 5'2"...so as I was putting the suit together, I realized that it was ridiculously long, even though it was based on a size small. I didn't want to start over, so after a lot of thought I decided to cut the suit in half (ugh...) and custom fit the center where a belt would be. The thing that kept me going was remembering that the torso of the suit ends up being totally covered anyway, so I doubted that I could mess it up beyond repair. In the end, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. 





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Very nice!! I understand how that feels about making a mistake and the intuition. It is all a learning experience and just think of the knowledge you just gained! :)

You'll also know how to fix it in the future as well if something breaks or rips, etc. and that is a big plus.

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Nice! Not sure of any further progress on your suit, but be sure to add riding patches on the inner thighs and the butt flap.  faux leather for level one but real suede for level two

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Okay...opinions, please, on placement before I stitch this in place. The way I have the faux suede pieces pinned, they end approx. 1 inch above the middle of my knee. (Also, I must have been standing funny in the second one, because the pieces are identical, yet look a little uneven on the bottom...they actually do end at the same place on both legs.)





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  • 1 month later...

Lots of progress over the past two weeks! Making the boots was a new adventure, and turned out to be easier than I anticipated. Gloves came in from WampaWear & fit well.

A lot of the work I did this week was looking at the sewing I had done to see where I could tighten everything up, because it all looked too big on me. So lots of ripping seams apart and moving things in by 1/4 or 1/2 an inch -- but it paid off. I'm much more pleased with how it fits. (I did make an adjustment to the cummerbund after seeing the picture where I was wearing it...sewed 2" velcro to the back of the bund and the front of the codpiece, which spread out the force of the point of attachment and eliminated the crease in the middle.)

All the buckles, webbing, etc. were delivered this week, so that will be the next focus. I'll be interested to see how the fit of the soft parts will work with the fit of the armor.

As always, if you notice anything that doesn't look right or needs an adjustment, feedback is welcome. 



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Nice fit on the soft parts!

Here are a couple of things I noticed, only one of which might be a “must” once you fit w your armor:

-If you’re aiming for a Level 2 Specialist application, the sole of the boot will need some cuts.  Hard to make out on the CRL, but here’s a link to the model’s own Specialist app showing the boots a little better.


* This is the possible must-fix.  Boot height looks like it could potentially be too high.  You will know better once you have the knee armor but I have a feeling the knees will overlap a decent amount w the boot tops.

- Maybe…width of flak vest neck opening.  CRL states it as “much wider” and it seems like yours isnt that much wider.  May not affect an approval but would def affect a Level 2 app I think.  But something I would hold off on messing with until youve tried it w armor on.

Good job on those boots!  I was in the same boat when I tackled mine…def easier than it appears.  Well done!

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Thank you so much for your thoughts!  Of all the fixes, the boot height and vest neck opening would be on the easier end, so I'm grateful those are the things that jumped out most. Can't wait to try with armor on!

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