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SPCTrooper32's Deathtrooper WIP

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Greetings all! I am starting my journey in building a Deathtrooper Costume. I am still researching, planning and saving all my pennies to proceed with the build. The first question that came to mind is for those have done the build before where did you start with getting costume pieces? What would you recommend for someone that doesn't have a their own workshop and this being my first step in building any sort of costume!? Thank you all for your time and consideration!!

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13 hours ago, SPCTrooper32 said:

Thank you!! this will help out a lot. If I may ask, for your DT build how have you approached gathering parts for your build?

I personally am attempting to print the hard pieces myself. I’m using TDK Props’ files (A lot of people call them tom’s files). I’m currently printing the helmet and I will adjust my plan from there then I’ll move onto the soft pieces. Once the helmet is finished printing I will probably research the soft pieces more but part of me wants to try and make them myself.

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On 7/18/2021 at 9:20 AM, SPCTrooper32 said:

... how have you approached gathering parts for your build?

Dominic, I'd recommend getting all your undersuit/gasket/boots pieces first. This way whether you are 3D printing, using a fiberglass/resin, or ABS kit you can make sure the fit is right. The undersuit/gaskets add bulk to your body and the boots add girth to your ankles and its easier to trim/build the pieces over it rather than having them too tight and having to readjust the sizing later on.

If you are using a kit that requires trimming and attaching pieces together start with the easy parts first (forearms, biceps, thighs, shins) so that you can get comfortable with the fitting/trimming process before you move on to the more intricate pieces. If you are 3D printing, I recommend using a program called Armorsmith Designer from The Armored Garage. You can fit the pieces to you exact body measurements. It definitely saves time and hassle with trimming. Plus you can use it for any Cosplay 3D files.

Best of luck with your build, this Detachment has a wealth of knowledge, feel free to use it.


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