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Vendor request to be added to Vendor List

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Attention Vendors,

We updated our vendor list on 25 Feb 2020.

Announcements we posted on many of the main Facebook pages and groups that we could find. Also emails were sent to vendors on the previous Vendors' list. Those that replied were added.

If you wish to be added to our Death Trooper Parts Vendor List please follow the below instructions:

Format your information as below, this allows for us to be able to copy and paste into our master tracking sheet and to be able to verify you as a Vendor. When filling in information just copy and paste the below example format into a new “reply” window or into a word processing file of your choice. Once pasted, delete the example information and add in any information that you might have. If don’t produce an item listed, leave it blank or put N/A. Thank you for your assistance in helping us keep our Troopers up to date.

Costume Name: Imperial Death Trooper
-    Mickey’s Trooper Factory  web site - www.mickeystrooperfactory.com, Facebook – www.facebook.com/12345678, Etsy – www.etsy.com/MTF,  email – info@MTF.org
-    Canyon Road Armory www.CRA.de, etc etc etc.
Armor:  Same format as above 
Neck Seal/Gaskets: 
Undersuit/Gaskets included:
Optional Accessories:
Neuro-Saav Macromotion (NSM) Monitor:
Chest Rig:
Ammo pouches (belt or shoulder):
HK Magazines (for chest rig)

Notes:  You can make any annotations which pertain to your shop in this section, such as “MTF only takes Paypal,” "Custom fit." etc.

Once you send or post your information we will check and verify and then update our Vendor List.

Thank you in advance:

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