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Derrick’s DT WIP 7/19/2021

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Decided to build a new kit to give me an option to suit up when an event already has a Vader so here goes with my intended build.

Helmet - Armory Shop Props. Ordered finished build waiting for shipment.

Armor - Armory Shop Props. Ordered finished build Spec Two with pauldron and heavy harness with mags/grenades. Ordered and waiting shipment.

Undersuit - Armory Shop Props. Ordered and waiting shipment.

Gloves - Endors Finders. Received.

Boots - Imperial Boots (Killer). Received.

E-11D Blaster Rifle - Imperial Arms. Ordered finished build waiting shipment.

Lower Harness - Ukswrath. Ordered and waiting shipment. Additional strapping needs addressed when receiving full build.

DT chat system - Ukswrath. Received.

Fan system. Already have a complete set ready for install.  5v x 5 high cfm, 3 directional on a 10k mah pack and speed control. May not need all but will use as many as I can considering Arizona heat.

Everything listed has been paid and ordered. Once received then will begin assembly and make corrections as needed. My Vader is full fiberglas and decided to go with a much lighter DT build for more mobility and less strain during hot Arizona troopsWill post pics as I progress…..should be fun ?

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