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3D Print settings for TDK/Campbell Weapons Models?

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I may get flamed for this- but I am brand new to 3D printing - as in just unboxed and set up my first ever this week new- a Creality Ender5+.  Just getting it set up to where it now prints reasonable models has been a steep learning curve. After a few random test pieces, I decided to give it go with printing the weapons files that I got from Tom Campbell, and that's where the fun really began!  the 1st print fell over and turned to spaghetti- so on the next (below) I added a raft- but that means even more cutting and sanding. After some painful clicking and searching i figured out how to rotate the model and drop it to the bed onto a flat side. I will now attempt to print it.

I'm trying to eat the elephant in really big bites I suppose. It is apparent that each file has to be configured for my printer- or printing in general. How many of  you went through this already and which slicer /software did you use? I have Simplify3D- so if you know or saved the settings you used to print the parts with, that would be awesome! Any 3D printing suggestions in general are welcome...



Screenshot from 2021-07-29 09-27-00.png

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I haven’t printed any of his weapons but I’ve done the helmet. I use Cura to slice and id recommend using a brim (thin version of a raft to get more adhesion without the bulk) and using tree supports set to touching build plate only. The rest is pretty much positioning and tuning temps

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