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First Shadow Trooper Build.

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This is my first build so I have been reading a lot of the forums and watching YouTube videos but my first snag is — I am a rather talll guy. The chest plate in all of the photos I found slightly sits on top of the ab/cod armor - right? My question is can you cheat the chest down a little to make everything fit? Or is there some requirement on where the chest plate must sit? 

also does anyone have a close u of the cod piece trimmed? The version I have has a lot f extra material that needs to be trimmed but — not sure how much to take off. 


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Hello, Kyle! You can probably do a combination of cheating the chest down as well as the ab plate up. If you heat mold the part closest to the shoulders you can sometimes use the fuller length of the shoulder straps to get a few more more distance on it. The biggest part is you don't want to see a gap between the ab plate and the chest plate.

The cod piece you'll probably want just enough to go about a 1/4 of an inch around the goods. Do you have a Walt kit?

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Yes WTF kit. 

As for the gap it fits fine if you put the two pieces together (AB and Chest) but I see a lot of people where the chest overlaps above the ab top edge. Is it ok for it to sit onto- of the ab pierce or does it need the overlap?

Build Update: Helmet is done with electronics, in the process of trimming the last parts (most of which are done) - still have some legs to work on and things like trimming the belt parts. 

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