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London’s Death Trooper WIP

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Yo wassup guys, 

This’ll be a thread where I post my Death Trooper stuff as I progress through the journey of that.

To start off, turns out I already got around $500 in my savings. I think the best bet for now is get the gun, then over time I can save up for the armor and by the time I am 18 I can get the armor and attempt to become a Death Trooper in the 501st!

If there’s any objections to me getting the gun first please let me know. I’m open to any and all advice.

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Hi there!

I highly recommend ArmoryShopProps armor if you are going to go with a kit that you want to finish yourself. Denis has great designs, continues to improve upon them, and is a good communicator. Also, the armor is printed to YOUR size measurements. I'm a super skinny and tall guy, so a 'one size fits all' kit would mean so much more work later in the game.

On the gun topic, I went with the inverse approach because armor can be approved without guns, but as the post talks about below, YOU choose what's best for you. If you want to DIY, then you can go that route; if you want to spend a little more and buy finished, then you can do that! If you want to start with guns and then get into armor, then do that! ?

@nanotek (as well as many others) has a wealth of knowledge and advice. He has many posts and topics that have been a huge help to me. The post below is a great place to start and find what path you want to take.


Check out the vendor lists too! I found many places that make 'better' parts there that I never knew existed.


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On 9/9/2021 at 9:36 PM, LondonValient said:


Thanks for the advice Michael, I will take all that into consideration.

I’ll assuming that nanotek is the CO of this detachment which is why he knows so much as well. 

Thank god I have this forum with like 20 people who can help. So that’s good at least.

Hi @LondonValient, yes I am Detachment Leader but I I don't know everything about the DT, it's always a process of discovery :D @Chaos is my go to guy for DT stuff now, is our Detachment Costume Advisor for the DT aaaand also our first ever Specialist ranked Deathtrooper Specialist.

I will throw stuff in from time to time, but Chris is probably more active in the DT space :)


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