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Shadow Stormtrooper Assembly Entry 1

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I am new to this forum for the Spec Ops Storm Troopers. I am making a Shadow Stormtrooper Costume and I have a few questions on measurements for certain parts, So far I am currently working on the legs and trimming up more pieces for the arms. 


What are the recommended thickness measurements for the Hand plates?

and What would be the minimum length Should I trim the Lower Legs before Putting on the Black Construction strips?

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Welcome, Alexander! Thickness for the hand plates really depends on how comfortable they are for you. I'd say probably 1/2" would be good, some people do a lot less so it sits flat, but I like the depth to make it seem thick.

The lower legs you should really try on with your undersuit and see how they stack up against your shins and position to your knee before trimming anything from the bottom up.

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To add on the hand plates…if you’re intent is to build to what we call “Level 2” or “Specialist” (these are the blue requirements on the CRL) you will need latex hand plates which would settle the thickness for ya as u wouldnt trim em.

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