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ScottishSith - Rogue One Death Trooper WIP

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Hi Everyone, 

ScottishSith from the Imperial Scottish Garrison, I've been checking out some of the awsome DT builds on the Spec Ops forum and thought it was time to start my own WIP. 

Started my build 08/02/21

Here is my current progress:

• Helmet (Ordered 01/02/21- Received 24/05/21 ) - Armory Shop.

• Armour (Finished set - Ordered 04/03/21 - Received 23/12/21) Armory Shop.

• Belt set - (Ordered 14/06/21 - Received 22/06/21) - Armory Shop.

• Leather belt pouch - (Ordered 01/07/21 - Received 26/07/21) - Delta Leather Works (Poland)

• Undersuit (Ordered 28/02/21 - Received 08/11/21) - Darkside Closet.

• Boots:

Imperial Boots - Ordered 06/02/21 - Received 01/03/21

Dr Marten Talib boots - Ordered 06/05/21 - Received 12/05/21.

• Gloves (Ordered 14/02/21 -  Received 22/02/21) - Endorfinders.

•SE14R Blaster (Ordered 13/02/21 - Received 04/04/21) - RDR Blasters.

• E11-D Blaster (Received) - Imperial Scottish Garrison member ??.

• SE14R holster (Complete) - Self made.


Pictures for all of the above ? to follow ?... Struggling with the file size of my pictures, so can't upload at the moment. I'll edit and upload a.s.a.p.

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Updated progress list.
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Very nice!

Also, I'd try utilizing a 3rd party image hosting website (Flickr, Imgur, etc.) for hosting the photos and linking them on your thread if you want to have more space. We have set limits to users here so that we don't end up with major storage space issues.

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OK, I'm up and running with Flickr, so herw goes with my progress up to now:

Boots - I initially bought a pair from Imperial boots, very pleased with them, however got the chance to snap up a pair of Dr Marten Talib boots.  


  PS, let me know if the images can be viewed OK. 

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Beltset (Armory Shop) 

Pouches and boxes were all good, but the belt that was sent was way too small (105cm instead of the 120cm stated), so sourced belt material and made my own correctly sized belt. 

Attached boxes, inserted foam into pouches and initially added velcro to fasten the belt.

I've since added a snap buckle and 2" webbing strap as my primary means of fastening the belt, with the velcro as added support.


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Leather Belt pouch (Delta Leather Works):

Nice little leather pouch, happy with the quality. One little niggle was the strap on the back, it wasn't cut wide enough and caused the rubber belt to bunch up.

So, dismantled the pouch, cut a new length of strap and reassembled the pouch...Looks much better now.



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When fitting my Fans to the helmet, I managed to upset one of the helmet LED's, it didn't like being handled and decided to just fall to pieces ?

Replaced both LED's and added some frosted plastic diffusion, to get rid of the bright spot in the centre of the green tusk lenses.



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3 hours ago, MKE-Trooper said:

@ScottishSith You ordered your Finished armor set from Armory Shop in March and still haven't gotten it yet?  I just ordered my finished set last week hoping it would only be 3- 6 months :(

@MKE-Trooper- Yep it's been a very long wait, way more than was initially stated. To be fair, they have had some issues to deal with (painter contracted COVID and the fire in their main workshop), I've reached out to them to ask about my order, but I have still not received any update as to when my order will be ready to ship, pretty disappointing to be honest.

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  • 1 month later...

So received my Finished armour kit from the Armory Shop 23/12/21, it arrived well packaged/protected and there where no damaged parts...Man ! Was that box heavy ?

All parts were finished really nicely, really impressed with the kit.

I only had one issue, my shin armour is too small. When I put my undersuit on and try them on, the left shin will not stay together at all (front or back), the right is slightly larger so the front stays together, but there are large gaps at the back of both shins and there's absolutely no way I can get the top rings on to try and secure the shins.

Contacted Denis @ Armory shop to try and get the issue sorted. ???




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Assembled kidney plate and the Thermal detonator.

Drilled out the holes on the TD and installed 4mm stainless steel threaded rivets..nice and secure ??  

Also added aluminium craft wire to my boot spats, there was a gap in the stitching at the top and bottom of the spat, so cut the wire to length and slid them into place. Now I can shape the boot spats to follow the contour of my boot



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1 hour ago, Lt. Dan said:

Great progress Wayne?I like the idea with the black mesh. Strange differences in Dennis's armor. My shins were much too big and long despite multiple measurements. I wonder why that is?

@Lt. Dan, not quite sure how the sizing is off so much, measurements were checked before sending, hopefully things can be rectified quickly...At least if they are slightly  oversized there is a chance to alter to make them fit, unfortunately I can't do anything with my shins... Frustrating ! ☹️ 

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21 hours ago, ScottishSith said:

At least if they are slightly  oversized there is a chance to alter to make them fit, unfortunately I can't do anything with my shins... Frustrating ! ☹️ 

Yeah, I worked with foam pads to reduce the diameter and shortned them to fit my shins. Always a gamble with already painted stuff, not to damage anything badly. Hopefully your spare shins show up shortly. I had to wait three months for my missing cod piece from Dennis back in the days!

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  • 1 month later...

Slight delay in making this post....The Armory shop reacted brilliantly and super quickly with my replacement shins...they're a much better fit...Which meant there was nothing else to do but get some clearance pictures submitted.......Approval received this afternoon ??? I'm the 1st and at present, the only Deathtrooper in the Imperial Scottish Garrison ???.






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