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Imperial Soldier (SWTOR) Build Thread

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Hey all!


I've started this thread to document the build process of the Imperial Soldier from SWTOR.


I managed to obtain the model of the character from the game, but of course it has a few discrepancies from the cinematic model that I will attempt to recreate.

Blender Full Armor.png

However it serves as a good base work to model the pieces! I am using Autodesk Fusion 360 to model the armor, and then Cura to slice and print the armor. 

This is my first time really learning how to model in 3D so please bear with me. (I'll gladly take any tips, suggestions, or links to decent online tutorials!)

Plan is to get the 3D prints developed and perfected, create molds from these, and then produce ABS armor with a vacuum former.


Hope to get some decent feedback from you all in this thread!

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So the first thing I decided to tackle was the hand plate. Based on the art of the figure from Bioware, I developed a 3D model of the hand plate. 


Already having some second guesses about it but I think its a good start!

My first thought is that I might need to adjust the ridge that aligns with the index finger. Maybe a quarter inch to the bottom?

And do you all think the ridges should line up? It seems in the photo they adjust in size based on their position.

Its currently printing on my Ender 3 right now and I'll post pictures when its done.

Please share any opinons!

Hand Plate Picture.png


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