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Issues with various Deathtrooper parts

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Good evening all! 

I'm currently working on my deathtrooper build that I've waited so long for! 

Unfortunatley, I  have had several issues with the kit I purchased I got my hard parts from Plastic Arms Dealer in the fully painted, ready to wear package offered. Once getting it home, there were a few issues I wouldn't have expected. I'm just trying to see if anyone else has expericed such issues from this dealer? I love his work and he has been more than happy to help! Just trying to see if this a one in one thousand problem or if other people have had issues with the dealer as well.

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It depends what the issues are; were they manufacturing defects, painting defects, damage created during shipping. Everyone that I know that has a PAD completed kit may have had to touch up paint jobs due to shipping damage but were pleased with PAD's product.

Maybe more of a detailed explanation would assist in answering your question.

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The paint was damaged via shipping. The other issues include one shin being too small. I can fit iinto the other easily, but the right one is small and can not fit the boot under it. The thigh pieces arrived 6 inches too small. When measuring, I made sure to measure three times to ensure all was right and got input from my local garrison members. When I addressed PAD, I was sent 4 rubber pieces. 

He's been wonderful to work with! Just wanted to check in and see if it was common for a few pieces to be off by this much.

Thanks so much!

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I've heard of paint being damaged during shipping from numerous vendors, it is for sure hard to get stuff shipped 100% properly without it costing an arm and a leg or specialized transportation which is usually out of the question. There is always the risk of stuff not all fitting correctly when buying a pre-built kit with provided measurements, but how it is resolved is often what "warranty" the maker/assembler offers or the agreement that was made at the time of purchase. To answer your question, I have not heard of complaints with PAD and the armor looks good.

No single vendor can make an automatic 501st-approved costume, that end goal rests solely on the wearer and the Garrison Membership Liaisons (GMLs) within the Garrison/Outpost you are applying with. However, that doesn't meant that we can't help you with tips to get it fitted right and looking good!

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