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20 hours ago, TeddyBrooks_120 said:

I'm looking to create a Death Trooper costume, however I need it to be completed by October 31, is there anyone who could help me?

It might be an idea to see if you know anyone in your garrison near you that can give some help. Another idea is getting some tips at an armour party if there is one in your area.

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I agree with @Dropkick and second the armor party option. Being able to meet in person with your garrison/outpost will give you some good ideas on what help other than the forums there are. I'd say it isn't impossible by 10/31 but you have to manage your time wisely and do plenty of research on what you need and where to get it so that the timeline is met.

I know a guy who worked on a clone commando and got it done in 3 long weekends but he was working each of those days only stopping to sleep. That is from trim to fitment to filling to sanding and more filling and the painting. I've also seen people take over a year depending on what is going on in their life and their own goals. For me it depends on the costume, what is needed and my work schedule and personal drive/mood.

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It largely depends on the kit you're going to work with, your budget and how much time you can spare. I did my DT (3d printed) in 3 months once I had all the materials, but it was a huge commitment in terms of time! It can be done, you just gotta plan it out and commit.

Getting help from your local chapter can help, the more hands the better!

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