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So I've been on a few threads and it looks like a lot of people are getting refunds from ASP as they might not be able to fulfill orders. I've been looking around at different shops looking for an alternate source if it comes to be that ASP can't fulfill my order and I have to get a refund. Was wondering what people thought about KB Props's DT kit compared to ASP/PAD?

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Kevin makes an ABS with resin/3D greeblies. His kit has some inaccuracies in it but it is CRL Level 1 Basic approvable. Matt Leigh has one for sale over in the FB Death Trooper Build Group. Andrew at The Plastic Arms Dealer makes a very accurate fiberglass resin kit. PAD's kits are a little heavier than KB's and you are working with fiberglass instead of ABS plastic. Either kit would be easy to complete as long as you did your research and followed other's WIP threads here in the forums. Jim Tripon out of the Philippines also makes a fiberglass resin kit, which is what my kit is. I have been trooping in it since Jul 2017 and it has held up very good. I have had to make a few modifications to it over the years to bring it up to the CRL Level 2 requirements, but that was a choice I made. Jim's kit is CRL Level 1 Basic approvable as well after fitting and assembly. Jim also I believe is the only maker that can still produce the undersuit as well. What a shame about Denis and The Armory Shop Props. Hopefully his country and Ukraine's situation will change and his Team can get back to business as usual.

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Yea, Matt's post is what prompted my question here. Unfortunately,  Matt's reason for selling the suit is the same reason why I can't buy it. We're both too short ? 


Either way, I've just been a bit anxious about the whole thing because of a few posts that came before in that build group page and not having a lot of communication with ASP has kinda put that on overdrive. I did see that Denis posted a video update regarding his shop so I'm feeling a little better in that department. He and his team are working hard as hell so I think I'm gonna stick it out and continue to support them.


Thanks for pointing out that the KB kit has some inaccuracies. I've looked through the DT CRL in the past for my own kit research, but there are small details that I wouldn't have picked up on. Hell, I only just learned what the 6, 8, 9 nose bridges was referring to ? Knowing that and that ASP is hard at work, I'll stick with my order with them.

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So, my initial question for this thread was a simple, one and done question about a kit being sold on Facebook, but now I've got a few questions that I think kinda fall in line in terms of similarity so I'll just ask them here rather than make a completely new thread:


I've looked on the Death Trooper CRL and I don't see any indication about how to paint the E-11D blaster. I've read that the end of the barrel should have an aluminium finish. I have Alclad Chrome on hand for my Din Djarin helmet, but I wanted to ask if using that on the barrel would be acceptable?


Also, I've only seen links for helmet electronics/blaster soundboards. Can anyone point me in the right direction to get help with wiring up lights for the E-11D?



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Hector, here is the best answer I can give you about the painting of the E-11D. Weapons are not required for 501st approval so there is no "detailed" list of what does and doesn't have to be done to the blasters. Blasters fall into the "Optional Accessories" so if you are going to include a blaster with your application for approval that it must appear as described in the text and photos. The photos are sufficient to determine painting and decals. There is nothing in the CRL that says "aluminum finish." What the CRL photo does show is that the end of the barrel is tempered due to the heating of the metal due to blaster fire. So any type of paint can be used to achieve that effect. However if you simply paint the end of the E-11D in a chrome without applying any of the tempered effect then it would not meet the CRL intent and could be disapproved for "Canon Trooping" use, such as 501st Approval.  My barrel's silver finish base was a Rustoleum Chrome and the other colors added on top of it.


As far as electronics for your blasters; I use TRamp (found on Facebook) for my blasters. You could find a Nerf Star Wars Rogue One Imperial Death Trooper Blaster and gut it to use the electronics out of it. The Plastic Arms Dealer used to have an electronics kit that he would put in his "Finished" E-11D products. 

If you want to do your own wiring there are a couple of schematics that other Troopers have posted in the forums. @Woodo007 has an awesome build thread with photos of his blasters, but no wiring diagram. 

BlasTech also makes electronics and here is one of their schematics that you can get an idea of how to wire up a blaster.


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On 4/19/2022 at 11:53 PM, HRivera7322 said:

I have Alclad Chrome on hand

 Hey Hector,

that was exactly the colour I used for my E-11D barrel + Alclad transparent blue, red and yellow for the scorch effect. Dulled it also a bit down to give a smokey effect. Worked fine!


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9 hours ago, GrandAdmiralDeathTrooper said:

where is that e-11d from if you dont mind my asking.

Hi Mark,

Maz3DShop on Etsy, located in Poland: https://www.etsy.com/de/listing/490972524/deathtrooper-gewehr-e-11d-update-model?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=e-11d&ref=sr_gallery-1-4&organic_search_click=1

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