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Death Trooper undersuit

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Does anyone have any ideas where to find undersuits in our current global state.   I prefer not to have to make from scratch since I'm crafty and can't sew.  The Darkside Closet stopped making them and ArmoryShop Props is temporarily closed.  Today I reached out to The Plastic Arms Dealer and Jim Tripon but I thought I read in one of the threads that they produce them for their armor kits.  I already have mine.  I just need the soft parts.

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I had reached out to them 

8 hours ago, Woodo007 said:

Sheevs emporium are making DT undersuits I believe 



I had reached out to them last summer and they had stopped.  Not sure if they started up again.

JIm responded back to me with his item/price list. 

Thanks everyone.

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On 7/26/2022 at 5:15 PM, Timi said:

What is Jim's email? I'm on the same quest... Or any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated!!! I am striking out everywhere. 


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