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Protecting our security and data is of upmost importance to us, so a few years ago after a series of events we decided that it was no longer in our best interest to use Tapatalk. Here are some brief highlights:

  • We had an incident with Tapatalk that caused a major issue. We logged a support call with¬†Tapatalk that was never answered, except if we joined their hosted solution. We sought help from Invision Communities (our forums software provider) and they stated that Tapatalk was no longer responding to them either so they made the decision to leave Tapatalk as unsupported.
  • Tapatalk has exposed user passwords and other data through a series of hacks
  • Tapatalk had a history of not publishing security patch information
  • Tapatalk also track your movements when using the app, this is evident when you try to share content from within their app and uses their URL alongside a shareID and then redirects.¬†
  • There is concern from other communities that they are potentially scraping data from sites that you visit through their app. This has not been 100% confirmed but given that they went from a useful app to monetising everything and going into competition with other providers did not sit well with us
  • Tapatalk does not support many features that our forum provides

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us via the Tech Center

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