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Ranks &  Badges:

The rankings you have listed above are purely defined by how many points you earn for your interactions on the forums. The more you post, like, reply etc, the more points you earn and the higher up the ranks you go. Some interactions are worth more than others and some interactions even reward two people at the same time.

There are quite a number of rules and no easy way to export them, some simple ones are if you react to a person's content, you get one point and they get one point. If you post new content you get 10 points. If you reply to content you get 5 points etc etc

Here is the current listing of rankings and the associated points

Rank Points
Newbie 0 points
Rookie 40 points
Apprentice 90 points
Explorer 185 points
Contributor 250 points
Enthusiast 400 points
Collaborator 800 points
Community Regular 1,300 points
Rising Star 1,950 points
Proficient 2,600 points
Experienced 3,900 points
Mentor 5,200 points
Veteran 9,100 points
Grand Master 13,000 points


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