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Recruit Rob G DT V2 Build WIP

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OK, I need to figure out a forum name once I get this thing built! LOL (Suggestions are welcomed)


  • Undersuit and Armour has arrived from Jim Tripon - May 26, 2022 (Jim has provided most of the V2 accessories needed and he was just shy of 4 weeks from deposit to delivery)
  • Holster from Darman's Props arrived - May 13, 2022 (2 weeks to deliver)
  • Belt, soft pouches, small leather pouch, M40 ammo pouch, grenades, and HK G3 magazines ordered from A & J Projects - Mid June 2022 delivery 
  • SE-14r and E11-D finished blasters ordered from Imperial Arms - no delivery date provided (Was told to expect 6 - 8 weeks, Mid to late June 2022 with that timeframe)
  • Waiting on Imperial Boots to be released from quarantine to order my boots, balaclava, and gloves. Hoping for late a June delivery  


I have settled on a hard hat suspension for the helmet. I felt the foam may trap to much heat. I'll let you know how it works. 

Still on the helmet: I have not pulled the trigger on any electronics; ie, fans, audio, lighting - any advice is greatly appreciated. (I'm leaning towards TRamp and or UKSWRATH)


Paint....... ugh! I am regretting building a DT as a first build! LOL

I see four paint colours, one is specified. Does anyone know the recommended paint codes to use for the others or are they subjective? (Sorry, if I missed it in the forums) 

  • Metallic Dark Grey - (Tamiya Metallic Black TS40 - is recommended)
  • Gloss Black
  • Flat Black
  • Weathered Silver

I will decide on the type of paint after I speak with my local automotive paint supplier. I am well versed in finishing fiberglass for enamel's and lacquers. I couldn't stomach the two stage paints in the 90's, something in it made me sick. Imron will be my first modern choice since it provides a tough finish; the question, is it available at my supplier???

I'm going to follow Lt Dan's and Chaos's idea of a harness to hold the torso armor. I will decide on Velcro or snaps as I get closer to strapping the armor. I love the idea of the Plasti-dip coating on the interior of the armor! 

So, I'm going to sign off for now, re-evaluate my life choices to this point and, hopefully come up with a plan to finish this build. LOL

Thanks for reading my ramblings!



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Hey Rob,

great shopping list AND regarding to your post: you did your homework so far?

As for the paint codes: gloss black and flat black are self-explanatory, I don't think that there are great differences. It is what it is?

Have a lot of fun building your costume and if you have questions don't hesitate to reach out again!


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@Rob Gloger

Welcome to the "Darker Side" of the Darkside and the Spec Ops Detachment.  Great build list. I personally love the helmet liner, it gives me a lot of room in my helmet for the much needed fans and audio system. I use Trooper Tronix fans, they kept me cool in Hawaii for years. Jonathan is super responsive and does great work. I also went with Ukswrath's audio system. Tony has been perfecting his work over the years and has awesome service. I went with the bluetooth reciever as I dislike having to hide wires between a helmet and body armor.

I have one of Jim's first kits, and made a few modifications to his when I overhauled mine last year to go for Level 2. I didn't do a build thread but I have posted a lot of my mods in various other posts. Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions.

Best of luck with your build and I look forward to seeing your progress. 


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