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3D Print files?

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After a couple of years off I'm getting back to work on my DT.  Is Tom Campbell's 3d files still acceptable?  I've got most of it printed off already but before I get sanding I want to make sure they are still good.



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Yes, but just to make sure you will need to go thru each piece and compare it to the current CRL. The CRL changed a little last year. 

Let us know if you have any questions as you go thru the process.

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5 hours ago, Werak said:

Thanks for the heads up.  Is there a list of the changes posted somewhere?  I didn't see anything on a quick scan on the forum.

Not really, the current CRL is pretty straight forward and the changes that were made from the last one were mostly Level 2 items. As far as what needs to be modified on 3D files, there are a few build threads that describe what other Troopers did during their builds.

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