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Dark Trooper - Generation 3 - The Mandalorian - Reference Material

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OK I am working on details of the back boxes. All the reference photos I have seen the left box vertical panels appear to not be symmetrical except for one. By that I mean the width of each "panel" appears to be of varying sizes. It does not look like the Shoretrooper where the panels are the same width. I looked at the 1/6th scale figure from Hot Toys and they appear to be varying widths as well. My 1/6th figure is boxed up so I can't get a good look at it right now and the photo from the Hot Toys website is at an angle. Can someone who has the 1/6th figure take a look and tell me what you think? Or if anyone has a better straight on look at the Mandalorian Exhibit suit other than what we have already posted. Screen grabs are too fuzzy to actually get a good look but I have one here that looks like it has 4 evenly spaced panels. I am leaning towards the fact that Lucas costume department folks are recycling pieces and parts from previous suits and making minor detail changes to set them apart, so maybe the panels are the same width. 

This is what I have come up with. Thoughts?



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