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Shadow EVO Trooper - It's Time!


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Well with the Jumptrooper build coming to an end and my TFU Shadow rebuild getting close, I figured it was about time to start a new trooper. Been almost 11 years, since I started my original EVO Trooper (can't believe it...), so it might need some updates and since I'm making parts, I might as well make two sets! So here we go, it's now time for the Shadow EVO Trooper! :teehee:


So this will be a slow build while we get the Jumptrooper and TFU Shadow Stormtrooper finished up, those are still the main projects right now. However, I've started modelling some new parts!

Chest box and tube. Still figuring out how I want to tackle those little details on the top of the chest box...



Forearm Tube


Shin Tubes. One thing that caught my eye when looking at the model, was these have a little mount that they sit on. I had always assumed they were attached directly to the leg armor. Something I missed back when I built my EVO.

Still working out some assembly ideas for these tubes, but the shape is ready to go!



And next up on the list to model is the pack. Yes, it's pretty much a Sandtrooper pack, but there's a few quirks. So why not make an EVO-specific pack? :teehee:



Luckily this thing is mostly TK-style armor with the unique helmet, shoulders, knee plates and boots. So I will have to get a kit at some point, but for now we'll focus on the EVO-specific details.

The plan for the helmet is to cast a Jumptrooper helmet and use that as a base for a new EVO sculpt. Make a mold, then cast two new helmets.:thumbsup:

So here we go!


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  • 2 weeks later...

Got the pack mostly finished up yesterday, still a few small details to finish up. Plan is to 3D print all the details in gray and scratch build everything in white. Probably use a combination of my FDM and resin printers.



Also here's a little preview into the engineering behind the scenes. All the major components are attached mechanically via fasteners (1/4" bolts/nuts in this case)and well hidden. Most of the smaller details have a raised boss to pilot into an appropriate hole as seen in the radio box below.





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  • 1 month later...

So took a quick detour to work on this build the last couple weeks! Wasn't really planning on doing the helmet just yet, but went ahead and cast another Jumptrooper helmet to use as the base for EVO Bucket 2.0.


So to start, there were a few things I couldn't do with the Jumptrooper master, namely the traps on the dome were cut a little light. On my Jumptrooper helmet I simply cut them deeper after I cast my helmet. Same thing here, also had to sand down the dome a little bit. The silicone is a bit thin and caused some lumpiness. Didn't plan on making many helmets with the mold so not a big problem.


After those quirks were sorted, time to start making it look like an EVO helmet! Cut off the hose inlet. And did some trimming to prepare for the new chin recess and ball. Took the original model with some small tweaks and printed out the recess. I also drew up a new ball, noticed after looking at the pictures that were a series of steps vs. being smooth.



And here I started sculpting the EVO details on the face. Started off trying out Sculpey and ended up using epoxy putty to form the details.


Gluing in the new recess. Did some minor sanding/blending then gave it a coat of epoxy putty. Finally added some more putty to fit the ball.




Yesterday took a quick look at the model and remembered the upper cheeks are a bit more exaggerated than the Jumptrooper. So broke out the epoxy putty and started on the cheeks. To help get the right shape and to keep things even on each side, I printed out some contour gauges.




Once I had the cheeks where I wanted them, I started the process of sanding and spot putty to really refine the shape and get everything smooth. In between coats of spot putty, I cleaned up the circular areas were the hoses will connect.


And after a day of sanding and spot putty and the constant worry if the helmet will look good, it all came together after getting some primer on it! Still have a couple spots to clean up this week, but I'm very happy with how it came out. Time to order some silicone!


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  • 3 weeks later...

Been busy lately, but it's about time for an update! Got myself a new resin printer (Elegoo Saturn 2 if anyone is curious). A little bigger and more capable for making prop parts. Been printing all the EVO specific stuff so far, most of it being the parts for the pack. I have one more part to print for the pack and that's all done!






Also  made up the mold for the EVO 2.0 helmet and I got some helmets cast! One for the Shadow EVO and one for my EVO update.





After I finish the last part on the pack, going to print out the EVO shoulder bells and get a mold made for those. Still have to make a chest box and then I can start building the pack. After all that I plan to get the helmet trimmed and ready for paint! :D

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Started off the day getting the frame for pack cut and welded together. The extra bar at the bottom is the support for an extra waist straps on the EVO packs.



After that started scratch building an EVO radio! Cut the plastic out and glued some templates for all the holes. Then took a quick shot with the details in place.




Then glued everything together. Ended up with a few gaps, used some UV resin to quickly fill those gaps. Sanded everything down and finished it with a coat of spot putty.



Finally a quick layout shot of all the pack parts so far! Still have to cut the different pipes and construct the upper and lower boxes. They will be scratch built like the radio. I still have one more part to print, but it's been a little stubborn...


And fresh off the printer, the chest box.The front of the chest box is illuminated, so I printed this out on one of my FDM printers. The translucent PLA and the FDM process diffuses the lights extremely well. I will be printing all the other illuminated parts in this material. Once I get some an actual armor kit, I will have to trim this to chest plate.


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  • 11 months later...

Time for an update on this build as well! Been working on it here and there. Big thing being I 3D printed all of the pack boxes with the new, big 3D printer. Original plan was to scratch build them with sheet plastic. I also reprinted many of the parts I had already printed out. Unfortunately some of the larger resin parts warped pretty badly while in storage...





Another big thing that is finished is the shoulder bell. 3D printed the original model and after lots of sanding, bondo and spot putty I was able to get it smoothed out and molded. Cast a couple of them as well. Still have to cast a couple more to redo my original EVO Trooper. Only thing I forgot to do before I made the mold was add the 5 holes in the raised section, not a huge deal at all to do it on the final castings.







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